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Microblading Makeup

Are you unhappy with your Eyebrows, Eyeliner or Lips? Have you had an accident or injury that left marks you would like fixed? Are you tired of spending 30min to an hour getting ready for your day applying eyeliner and lipstick EVERYDAY? Then contact Judy and find out how you can permanently fix many of these things with the latest microblading techniques.

Mircoblading Eyebrows

Microblading Eyeliner

Permanent Lipliner

Additional Services

Areola Repigmentation

If you are a Breast Cancer survivor we salute you and offer discounts on Areola Repigmentation which can restore some of the beauty lost during any surgery you may have had. Other injuries are restored at normal prices. Call for a consultation.

Beauty Marks

Want to have those beauty marks your favorite actor or actress has, give us a call.

Body Waxing